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Saponi- saponi tsynutri ,This site is for those seeking to research Native American ancestry deriving from the Piedmont of ia and North Carolina. These are Siouan people, commonly referred to generically as the Saponi, Tutelo. Occoneechee, Eno, Cheraw. Many families connected to these bloodlines have carried the identification of ” Blackfoot .” ia and North Carolina, especially Southside Va, has thousands of the …Saponi Indians - North Carolina History ProjectMany Saponi migrated to New York with the Cayuga tribe and some inhabited colonial areas. Many also stayed in North Carolina to fight against the colonists in the Tuscarora War. By 1740, many Saponi and Tutelo migrated north to Shamokin, Pennsylvania and in 1753 the Cayuga tribe selected the Saponi and Tutelo to join them in the Six Nations.

Saponi Nation of Ohio

The Saponi people who lived in the region adjoining the Ohio River Valley near Pennsylvania under the rule of the Six Nations of the Iroquois were called Mingoes. In 1770, a group of Mingoes (Saponies) fled from white settlers and moved into Chillicothe, Ohio. This group splintered again as white civilization forced them onto the reservation.

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Saponi Tribe | Access Genealogy

Mooney has shown that the few Saponi words recorded are Siouan. Lederer mentions a war in which the Saponi seem to have been engaged with the ia settlers as early as 1654-56, the time of the attack by the Cherokee, probably in alliance with them. The first positive notice is by Lederer (1670), who informs us that he stopped a few days at Sapon, a town of the Tutelo confederacy, situated on a …

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